High Point Awards

You’ve worked hard — it’s time to celebrate your achievements!

The Region 17 High Point program recognizes and encourages continued participation of members of Region 17 at our EC rated Arabian Breed horse shows.


High Point Western Pleasure
High Point English/Country English Pleasure
High Point Hunter Pleasure
High Point Sport Horse
High Point Halter (main ring)
High Point Adult Amateur (main ring)
High Point Junior (main ring)
High Point Sport Horse Amateur/Junior

New in 2023 High Point Working Western

  1. A Champion and a Reserve Champion is awarded in each division.  Prizes are awarded to the winners.
  2. Points are calculated from January 1 to October 31.  Show records for horses AND riders must be submitted from the Arabian Horse Association Web site. Submit class placings and point calculations on the entry form.  Results must include the class, placing, number of horses in the class and the exhibitor’s name. Use one entry form per category.  (ex. One form for the horse and a separate form for the rider.)

    A horse and rider may be eligible for more than one division – ex: English Pleasure and Halter or Hunter Pleasure and Sport Horse but points can’t be combined into one division.  The records must be RECEIVEDnot post marked — by November 30 of the current year.
  3. Presentations are made at the Spring Regional Meeting.  Winners are notified and encouraged to attend.
  4. Points count from AHA shows in Region 17. This includes Class A Region 17 shows, Western Canadian Breeders and Canadian Nationals. It also includes qualifying shows hosted by a Region 17 club as long as the show is held in Region 17 – for example a Region 4 or 5 qualifier.  

    To be eligible for High Point Awards, the Region 17 show is a MANDATORY show. You must show at the Region 17 Championships or you are not eligible for the High Point awards.* Award calculations do not include a different Region’s offsite regional show if the show is held in Region 17.
  5. High Point participants must be members of a Region 17 Club, and residents of Region 17. 
  6. The High Point Performance and Halter points will be calculated from all horse classes. (Equitation and halter showmanship not to count)
  7. The High Point Adult Amateur and High Point Junior will be calculated with one Rider/Handler and one Horse combinations.  Open, Amateur, Junior, Equitation, Showmanship and Halter classes to count.  More than one combination may submitted by the owner or rider.  A rider can win the Sport Horse Amateur/Junior High Point from the Sport Horse classes and can also win a High Point with a different horse in a different division.   Rider/Handler does not need to be the owner of the horse. 
  8. All exhibitors entering Region 17 High Points are assumed to have knowledge and understanding of the above rules and point system.

* Approved by delegates at the 2011 Region 17 Fall meeting 

Points Calculation

Points are calculated based your placing in the class, the number of horses in the class, and the show. In all instances, include your own placing in the class.

Class A Shows

Regular Classes: 1 point for you and every horse that you place above. 
Championship Classes. 2 points for you and every horse that you place above.
Points calculated up to six placings. For example:

Regular classesYour PlacingNumber in ClassPoints
Championship ClassesYour PlacingNumber in ClassPoints

Region 17 Championship Show
New points weighting in 2023

12 points for Champion and every horse you place above; 10 points for Reserve Champion and every horse you place above, and Top 5 receive 8 points calculated for you and every horse that you place above for the balance of the Top Five, unranked. Include points for yourself beginning with the 3rd placing.
Points calculated up to five placings. For example:

Your PlacingNumber in ClassPoints

Western Canadian Breeders Show
New points weighting in 2023

6 points for you and every horse that you place above.
Points calculated up to six placings. For example:

Your PlacingNumber in ClassPoints

Canada’s National Arabian Horse Show
Eligibility begins in 2024 show season – watch for details

Entry Form and AHA show records must be received by November 30 of the current year to be considered for an award.

Mail entries to:

Karen Caughell
42 Swallow Ave
Sherwood Park, AB
T8A 3H5

Questions may be directed to:

Karen Caughell
phone: (780) 464-1689
email: Send email

At the 2023 AGM, the winners of the 2022 Region 17 High Point Award winners were announced. Congratulations to all!