Director’s Corner

AHA Board of Directors Meeting Report


President Deborah Johnson welcomed the 18 Regional Directors, 6 Executive and AHA Staff to the November 9th in person meeting.

WAHO had 26 countries in attendance.

Competition Advisory Committee – Jim Hitt – Motion to approve 2023 AHA HandbookApproved.  The committee received many positive comments on the new qualifications system.  Marlene Kriegbaum stated it was the easiest year for confirming qualifications. 
Biggest discussion was regarding allowing smaller Regional championships (125 or less horses) to run as an AVS show. A Compliance Officer is mandatory.  EMT’s and farriers would be optional.  If the show exceeds 125 for 2 years, the show would have to have national federation approval.  
Motion made to allow this. There were some questions raised regarding level of judges used and drug testing, among others.  Motion made to defer vote to the December 2022, BOD meeting.
Motion to defer passes with Regions 1, 10 and 18 against.

Canadian National Show Commission – Gerald McDonald – We did not have a 2022 show because of lack of entries.  There were 32 classes with one horse entries.

Sport Horse Nationals Show Commission – Jim Porcher – 534 horses are slightly down from 2021.  We did make a few changes with all well received.  This was our second year at WEC in Ohio.  A very successful show overall thanks to AHA staff and our commission.  Big thank you to Marketing for the coverage.  Supreme Sport Horse in-hand champion was shown by a 12-year-old girl.  A survey of participants said 94.77% want to stay at WEC, Ohio.

The Commission was tasked with finding a west coast location.  Considered were the Colorado Horse Park and Rancho Murieta.  CHP has been recently sold and the new owners have turned the facility into an exclusive hunter/jumper show facility.  At Rancho Murieta the September the heat is oppressive. 

Lindsey Phipps did a full cost analysis of Rancho Murieta and WEC, Ohio, including flights, hotel fees, rental cars, etc.  The Home Away from Home facility at WEC allows for huge cost savings for volunteers and staff.  There is an on site hotel at Rancho Murieta but is $189.00 per night. The next closest hotel is 30 minutes away. 
Horses shown in Idaho are around 380 with horses shown at WEC were over 600 in 2021 and 534 in 2022.  The east/west rotation, on average sees the west coast show down by approximately $100,000.00 and 100 horses.  Rancho Murieta does not currently have our September dates available. 
The Commission is making a motion to stay at WEC for another three years, starting in 2024.

The WEC facility wants us to stay there and is promising more buildings and continuing improvements.   

Brad Short states the net profit income is as much as $150,000.00 advantage on the east coast.
Roll call vote:  In favour:  13              Not in favour:  10.     Motion approved.

US Nationals Show Commission – Lance Walters – Only 8 days since show finished.  Thank you to the AHA Staff.  1764 entered; 1602 showed.  4197 entries for an average of 2.37 per horse.
Projected profit. Expanded trail classes by one day, which helped with the stress of halter handlers to be ready.  Added a third ringmaster this year.  Green shavings were donated for Pavilion and Ford truck arena for entire show. 
Two requests for 2023:  We need more tractor drivers (they worked 18-20 hours per day).  We need technology (laptops) as the old ones do not communicate well (7-9k). 

Youth/Mid Summer Nationals Commission – Mark Himmel – Schedule changes for 2023.  The Youth have asked to have a liaison with the Commission. 

Purebred Arabian Trust and WAHO Update – Bruce Johnson – preparing for the December trial.  The summary response was denied (filed by AHA).  All info on the PAT website. 

WAHOBob Fauls and Howard Pike attended this year’s conference.  They serve on the Board. Next general meeting will be February/March in 2025 in Abu Dabi.

Registration Commission – Debbie Fuentes – Breeders conference may take place again now the pandemic has settled down.  Most likely at Conway’s new farm in Florida.

Sweepstakes Commission – Duane Esser for Chris Culbreth – nominations up to 1,824, which is 178 over 2021.  Brad Short reports the financials are way up for the Sweepstakes investments.  The discounted last chance buy-in had a very good response.