Congratulations 2022 High Point Award Winners!

Equine Canada Coaching Status Licenses

In 2023, all coaches at EC Platinum and Gold sanctioned competitions must hold Licensed Coach Status, while coaches at Silver and Bronze sanctioned competitions may have the Registered Coach Status at a minimum. In 2024, coaches at all levels of EC sanctioned competitions will need to hold the Licensed Coach Status and by 2025, all coaches will need to be Certified in order to obtain the valid Licensed Coach Status that will be required.

You can find current details on the EC Coaching Status program here

Discovery Farms Update

The Local Level Committee’s mission is:
“To bring people to the Arabian horse through local outreach.”

History: In 2019, AHA formed the Local Level Involvement Task Force with the mission stated above. At the 2020 AHA Convention, the Task Force was given standing committee status and became the Local Level Committee. Our goal is to have representatives from each AHA Region participate on the Local Level Committee to bring ideas as well as help implement the programs created by the committee in their respective Regions.  

Committee Members:

British Columbia: Shelley Morgan
Alberta: Hedi Klassen
Saskatchewan: Marvelle Machniak