AHA Reports

2022 AHA Convention Delegate Reports

“If ever the opportunity arises that you can spend one day at the convention, I highly recommend it.“

Carla Jackson, Region 17 Director

Friday November 10-11, 2022

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Service Awards were presented at the Friday evening banquet. This year’s Region 17 Recipients were Darlene Brouwer and Rob Calnan. Congratulations to both of these hardworking volunteers.

Details on a few of the committee meetings attended.

Equine Stress Committee

Research projects on DSLD-Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Disease. 

Resolution 7-22 The use of lead weight in the shoes-max 5 oz., screwed into a leather and plastic pad. This is an option to a shoe with a built-in bar. The use of the lead allows the flexibility to place the weight in different areas. You may have a shoe with a bar on one foot and a weight on the other. You may not have a bar and lead on the same foot.

Equitation Committee

Discussions conducted on assigned resolutions:
Resolution 8-22 Tongue Ties Yes
Resolution 10-22 Cross Rails 10 & under Yes
Resolution 11-22 Dressage Seat Eq- Nationals Scoring/Placing Yes
Resolution 14-22 Horse substitution in Eq Classes Yes
Resolution 15-22 Horsemanship, Lead changes-discussed level 1 and 2 should stay the simple change. Sheri Odom amended to read: “Simple of Flying lead change allowed only for AHA Level 3 patterns.” Yes

Breakout groups

Saddle Seat Equitation – UPHA going great   
Showmanship – scorecard is well received and majority are showing Stock type
Hunter Seat Equitation – discussion on main ring and open judges
Reining Seat Equitation – everyone is happy
Dressage Seat Equitation – classes have been huge and an age split added

Breeders Sweepstakes Committee

Sweepstakes Fund is financial stable. Breeding entries are good. Committee is pleased with Jackpot classes offered. Paybacks to continue at Regional and National levels with incentives to breeders on those that were nominated mares and stallions.

Canadian National Show Commission

Gerald MacDonald reported the Canadian National show was cancelled in 2022 due to lack of entries. There were over 30 classes with one horse entered. The financial impact on AHA would have been substantial. A task force has been working since September on trying to establish the direction of the Canadian National Horse Show. CAHR had a successful show in 2022 and have announced their continuance of a show August 13-19, 2023 in Red Deer, Alberta. These dates would be in direct conflict with Brandon dates if AHA were to hold a show.  AHA has been trying to work with CAHR on their event. AHA is closer to making an announcement to their plans.

Education and Evaluation Committee

General Sessions

November 11- 12, 2022

Recognition by MC Craig Christiansen of Veterans Memorial Day.

Credentials Report Pat Crutchett
206 delegates registered out of 326 delegates.

Scoring Systems Nancy Harvey
Over 17 different types of systems. The most frequently used is the MOS (Majority Opinion System). All three judges carry equal weight. Winner does not need to have first place vote. Best overall scored horse.

Performance Score Card also used, and then converted to MOS at Regional and National level.

Executive Director’s Report   Stan Morey
AHA has 31 full-time employees and one part time. During Covid, downsizing took place to try and manage downturns. Stan is most appreciative of staff and their dedication to helping people. Building sale was approved in March of 2022. A new AHA office building was purchased October 28th.  AHA are moving from a 21,000 square foot to a 6,500 square foot building.

National Competitions Youth/Mid-Summer helped grow Youth by 20%. This show is slated to continue. Sport Horse Nationals will continue at the WEC facility and will remain there for 2023-2026. Endurance Trail Ride is continuing in Minnesota for 2023. US Nationals was a big success in Tulsa. Halter coming back strong.

USEF Affiliate Agreement– Stan appreciates the relationship with USEF as they offer many programs that compliment AHA i.e.: drug program policy, hearing policies.

Purebred Arabian Trust – lawsuit trial date December 5, 2022.

Long term employee recognition: Janelle and Jim are retiring after 45 years of service and 12 years of service respectively.

Stan’s goals for 2023 are to:
* get settled in the new building
* get the PAT lawsuit behind us
* continue staff training
* maintain employee retention
* seek major sponsorships for events.

Stan’s ultimate goal is to “create the most efficient and forward-thinking breed association”.


Credential report modification: 215.


Resolutions withdrawn: 2 and 4.
Resolutions approved: 3, 9 ,10-16.

Resolution 8-22 discussion:
A request to use tongue ties in the horse show arena when exhibiting with double bridles or driving.
Tongue ties are a therapeutic tool for horses with dorsal displacement of the soft palate- allowed in the Arabian warm up arena, the Morgan and Saddlebred show pen. Education is important in the proper application.

Resolved “A single inconspicuous tongue tie, made of soft material, is permitted in the show ring for any horse competing in Park, English Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, Mounted Native Costume, English Show Hack, 58 Formal Driving, Pleasure Driving, Country Pleasure Driving and Saddle Seat Equitation and for use by any horse in a full bridle competing in Ladies Side Saddle in English Show Hack attire (see AR156.1a) or in English 60 attire (see AR132.1a), Walk-Trot/Walk-Jog 10 & Under in English attire (see AR132.1a) and ATR/JTR/AATR 61 Walk-Trot/Walk-Jog 11 and Over in English attire (see AR132.1a).”

Motion approved

Resolution 5-22 discussion:
Educating and providing current “R” judges with a “specialty card” to adjudicate sport horse in hand, under saddle, and show hack. The smaller horse shows are struggling to hire a second judge and are looking for a more economical option.  

Resolved:  b. Sport Horse classes in the Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo/Arabian Division must be judged by: 1. Federation licensed Dressage or DSHB or Hunter or Hunter Breeding or Jumper, or 2. Equestrian Canada licensed Senior Dressage or Hunter or Jumper Judge with guest card, or 3. USEF or EC licensed Arabian Judge with an AHA Sport Horse Specialty Card. USEF/EC licensed Arabian Judges with an AHA Sport Horse Specialty Card will be licensed to judge Sport Horse classes at the licensed regular or local competitions.…and, Be It Further

Resolved: That AHA OFFC 104.1.b. be amended by inserting as follows:  1) The Education and Evaluation Commission together with the AHA Sport Horse Committee will determine the parameters of experience required for Sport Horse Specialty Card applicants, the content and delivery of educational sessions, all aspects of the approval process, and the ongoing evaluation of officiating experience. The J&S Commissioner will have authority to approve or disapprove a candidate.

Motion Approved

Motion Approved.

Resolution 7-22 discussion:
The use of lead weight in the shoes-max 5 oz., screwed into a leather and plastic pad. This is an option to a shoe with a built-in bar. The use of the lead allows the flexibility to place the weight in different areas. You may have a shoe with a bar on one foot and a weight on the other. You may not have a bar and lead on the same foot.

Horses under two must be barefoot. Horses two years of age may be shown with a shoe in accordance with AR106.1 However, the use of a bar shoe, or pad(s) of any type or configuration between hoof and shoe is strictly prohibited. c. Horses three years old, may not have any type of bar shoe or lead.

Resolved: That USEF AR106.1. b Shoeing Regulations, Artificial Markings and Appliances be amended by adding a new point .4 that reads:
1. Any machine made shoe (keg), or handmade shoe made of magnetic steel, mild steel, aluminum, rubber or other non-metallic shoe is allowed. Shoes made of tungsten carbide are prohibited.  a. No part of the shoe may exceed the dimensions of 3/8 inch thick by 1 1/8 inches wide (nail heads and/or toe clips are not considered when measuring the shoe). Aluminum, rubber or other non-metallic shoes are exempt from the dimension requirements.

Resolution 7 – 22 2
b. In the case of a bar shoe, there may be only one bar, which must be either a straight bar, or an egg bar.
1. A straight bar can be located anywhere within the circumference of the shoe
2. The egg bar is defined as an uninterrupted, oval shaped shoe.
3. A bar is part of the shoe and must not exceed the dimensions of 3/8” thick by 1 1/8” wide at any point on the shoe, nor may the bar extend below the ground surface of the shoe.

Motion Approved

Marketing and Social Media Katie Feighner  
Promoting the Arabian through different social media platforms.

MDP Report – Hillary Hoffman

Keystone Event to take place in Ocala Florida during – six major classes with funds donated to three charities. Audience from huge Christmas festivals taking place.

Local Level Report – Josh Schildroth
Discovery Farms 245 Farms

Future Conventions

Virtual in 2023

There was a lot of discussion and hopes that the 2023 convention could be in person. The cost of hosting convention is significant and the ability to include more delegates via zoom is beneficial when in comes to voting.

2022 Convention goers stated loudly that hallway conversation and face to face meetings are important. There were comments made from several people that they would come to convention thinking one way about a resolution and then change their mind after a hallway discussion. They would not have this opportunity if they were in a virtual situation. It was decided that convention 2023 would have to remain virtual.

Convention 2024 Reno, NV – In Person

Region 17 donated $200.00 Nov 12/2022
$11,850.00 US-donated at 2022 convention

Show Commissioner – Mary Jane Brown
Mary Jane stated the position has been a huge learning curve for her.

She is looking forward to transitioning into the new office building and is happy to have Mary Smith as her assistant.

Closing Remarks

AHA President Johnson commended the AHA staff, thanked the executive and board of directors. She was grateful for all those who could attend the in person convention and felt that the face to face meetings gave people an opportunity to reconnect. This year has had its challenges but President Johnson is looking forward to her upcoming term as your representative.

Carla Jackson
R17 Director